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The benchmark

Troubleshoot your Online Presence, Accuracy and Discoverability.

then learn how to improve.

What is the benchmark ?

"The benchmark is an external test to better Understand your online Health and Identify areas of Improvement."

What's Included?

Online Health Score.

We scan the Internet and look for all of your listings and reference your industries most popular booking sites. If They are not found, you should adjust your information - .consistency is king in Google's algorithm. You also have an opportunity to create more and increase your discoverability.

Reputation Health.

We look look through all of your found appearances online and collect your total reviews and organize them into positive and negative reviews. You can easily see what people like and see what you need to improve. NewHeight has built in tools to make improvements automatically.

SEO Analysis.

We imitate someone looking for a service in your industry, and we mark all of your competition in order. This is very useful information to be aware of when you're trying to improve your discoverability, visibility, and overall reputation.

Website Performance.

We look into the current visibility and online presence of your company. We troubleshoot your website and operations to insure you are collecting and converting leads effectively.

- Core Vitals

Comprehensive analytics of your website's performance, such as: engagement, SEO, and loading optimization. Corrections are shown below.

- Health Report

Detailed and constructive feedback, addressing specific problems, such as heavy or unused codes and images, undetermined areas that could lead to anomalies and many more tests.

Smart Suggestions.

Our personalized quick and easy checklist for the Impactful suggestions. Let's find out what's best for you ;)

Advice to Independently Improve

We look forward to welcoming you aboard the NewHeight community!

Let's Get To Work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my results?

Yes! We provide a PDF copy of your results for your records.

Does NewHeight store my Information?

Yes, we do store your results for reference if you continue to work with us so we can measure your improvement.

We can easily remove any and all information at your request — just ask your agent!



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